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REVER by Proline Products LLC

PROLINE PRODUCTS LLC has worked to meet the needs of the filmmakers around the world, creating and manufacturing special tools and machines for the film Industry.

our main products are Camera stabilizers, Steadicam accessories and cables.

Qualified engineers, draftsmen and designers with a great potential of development and research make up a highly specialized working group, which is permanently prepared to meet the client's satisfaction.

Here in PROLINE, we believe that in order to achieve service excellence, the modern company needs imagination and talent.

PROLINE PRODUCTS LLC has worked to meet the needs of the filmmakers around the world
A voltage stabilizer is needed for the smooth and constant functioning of devices and keeps voltage intact.

Imagination allows going beyond the traditional concepts so as to attain better solutions.

Talent facilitates the performance of the task with the highest degree of efficiency and of economy optimizing the service and reducing costs along. 

At PROLINE, imagination and talent are abilities working for technology and for the company's needs. Our modern infrastructure permanently expanded and updated makes possible the offering of comprehensive answers to all the requirements as to Try-out Benches, Measurement Equipment, Special Machines, and Accessories for machine tools, in accordance with the most advanced international conceptions.

How we work

Before manufacturing any high-precision equipment, the professionals at Proline deal with the client's problem thoroughly and suggest the appropriate solutions starting from correct planning.

Engineers and specialized technicians observe and take care of even the most minimum detail of each part they produce, designing all the parts that will form the final product based on their wide experience.

With the support of innovative equipment, they work following the last technical concepts in mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics, applied in the manufacturing of machines and equipment produced.

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