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hard and rigid, created to support vertical and horizontal loads.

This sled meets the toughest demands and more extensive configurations.


The easily attachable Top Stage with quick Release embodies a dovetail plate and head regulation to deliver dynamic balance. By utilizing state of the art fore/aft and side by side controllers you can adjust weight distribution effortlessly. 

Featuring carbon fiber, 7075 aluminum and swiss ceramic bearings the Gimbal is a super smooth. With a tool-free clamp mechanism smartly positioned it will not interfere with the operators hand placement. Perfect for beginner and advanced camera stabilizer operators. 


For maximum stability Proline Steadycams feature a 2” wide, 2 section carbon fiber post with lower post 1.8 inches gives the streght and stiffness you need. Fully extendable up to 160cm – great for high mode, low mode and gimbals rotating 360 degress.



 the J Box delivers premium HDSDl and HD video signal and power supply with 12 and 24v with 1b Lemo connectors,


Battery Mount

Designed for ANTON BAUER or V-MOUNT batteries,

Proline’s Battery Mount system  can be configured to carry (in multiple combinations) a maximum of 3 batteries at a time and can accommodate a wide selection of cameras




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